Joined the Angelite team September 2021

Hello there!

I am Sammy, I am the cheeky redhead you are usually greeted by when you walk through the salon door. I am the mummy of the salon, ensuring everyone is okay.

I am also a spiritual guide and healer. I am qualified as a Usui Reiki master, a Angelic Reiki practitioner, Angelic healer, Sound healer/activations and Crystal healer. I am a kitchen witch with spell boxes and different mists. I love providing twinflame guidance, healing feminine energy, animal reiki and being involved with meditation/healing classes.

As you can tell, I love anything to do with helping others on their spiritual journeys of healing, alignment back to self and helping others to recognize their own divine power!

I am currently studying hypnosis, reflexology,becoming a holistic health practitioner and will be a fully qualified past life regression practitioner in 2022!

Fun facts- I used to be a singer in a rock band, I have two science degrees with honors, I studied fine art, I am plant based, a true adventurer, a mummy to two boys, love health and fitness, and sitting by water.

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